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Utes continue inconsistent play in defeat to the Aztecs

I think we've just got to concede these Utes aren't destined to string together a few wins. 

After upsetting the Rebels earlier in the week, Utah went on the road and stayed with the Aztecs until the final seconds. The outcome, though, wasn't much different from what we've seen the entire season - another loss. 

I'm not upset, though. I didn't expect Utah to beat San Diego State. They're not good and the Aztecs are. It was on the road (where the Utes have been bad this season) and they were coming off a big win (Utah has yet to follow up a big win with another win this season). It was in the cards they'd lose and that's exactly what they did. 

Plus I'm numb after watching an entire season pass by without any real consistent and significant progress. That always makes you more apathetic to tough losses on the road against good teams. 

What I do know is that Utah's chances of ending this season on a high note is slowly fading. There aren't many games left. Four to be exact before the conference tournament starts. Two home and two away. The lone tough home game is against BYU, the second to last game of the regular season.

That's all I want to win. I don't care what they do in the rest (okay, I do, but not nearly as much). Just BYU and I'll be content. 

Next up, though, is a game against the Falcons in Air Force. They almost stunned New Mexico in The Pit and yet, this should be a win. They're the worst team in the conference (only own one victory) and if Utah loses...well pack this sucker in already.