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Utah's long national nightmare continues - Rams destroy Utes in SLC 65-50.

I'll say it - the most embarrassing loss of the Jim Boylen era. Utah got manhandled by by the freakin' CSU Rams. Colorado State! Remember when they were the butt of so many jokes? Well that's our Utes now, folks. In fact, Tim Miles seems to have turned that program around rather quickly (they're 4-4 in Mountain West play). 

But what this loss means more than anything is that Utah isn't getting any better. It's now February and they're every bit as bad as they were in November. Absolutely zero improvement suggests this whole rebuilding effort is going to be longer and deeper than any of us had ever imagined (how's a seven year plan sound?).

Ugh. Inexcusable loss by a team that should be showing some improvement. Instead, I fear they're regressing. By late-February, we might not even field a team.