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Sweet Sixteen in SLC

Anyone going? This should be fun. It's the first time since the 1983 season that the city will be hosting beyond the first two rounds. 

The games will, of course, be played at the Energy Solutions Arena (home to the Utah Jazz) and offer up some intrigue. 

In the first regional bracket, we have Syracuse & Butler. The Orange are actually looking like the team to beat on this side of the bracket (now that Kansas is out), though Butler has proven to be a solid mid-major program capable of pulling off a surprise upset.

The later game will pit Xavier and Kansas State. Xavier is probably the most elite mid-major team over the last few seasons now that Gonzaga & Memphis have somewhat faded. I don't know how they're doing it - but I'm jealous. If there is one program I'd like Utah to imitate, it's that one.

Of course, the winners of these two games will meet in the Regional Finals (Elite Eight) later this week. 

All this basketball action really makes it that much more difficult accepting the realities of our program. Hopefully we'll not only get back there soon enough, but we'll produce a few wins.