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Carlon Brown & Chris Hines leaving the program

Big news out of the basketball program tonight as both Carlon Brown and Chris Hines have announced they won't be returning next season. This brings the total of players who have bolted up to four - as Brown & Hines join Matt Read and Jordan Cyphers. There is also a rumor of another departure, though I won't comment on who I've heard because, well, it's a rumor.

Regardless, this is big news and is a potential blow to what could turn out to be a do-or-die year for Jim Boylen. With four players now gone (and another possibly leaving), what does this mean for the future of the program?

I'd like to think Boylen is purging the program of the players he does not feel fit his style. But it's not like the basketball team has experience to begin with. Brown would have been a senior this year. And both Hines, Read and Cyphers were recruited, in part, by Boylen (though only Read was his original class, the other two came when he was just getting under way at Utah). 

Oh well. We'll see what happens. Hopefully the losses stop here.