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Utes embarrassed in lopsided loss to the Cougars

This season can't end soon enough. Utah, who actually looked competent and maybe on the rebound the last few weeks, watched as any goodwill they created over that stretch was lost with a woeful performance tonight against BYU.

It was unquestionably one of the ugliest losses in the rivalry's history and though it doesn't come close to sniffing the 1994 thrashing in the WAC Tournament, the fact this came at home makes it that much more difficult to swallow. What's even harder to accept is the reality that the Utes have now failed to win at least one game against BYU in three of the last four seasons. 

That's never happened before tonight. It's been an ugly five years and unfortunately, with how the team looked tonight, it doesn't look like it will get easier in the future.

I really thought Utah would at least show up tonight. They didn't even so much put up a fight at any point in this game. It was ugly from start to finish and reminded me just how big the gap is between Utah basketball and BYU basketball. 

Unfortunately, that gap won't be closing anytime soon. 

At least not until some major changes are made.