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Utes end regular season with loss to the Rams

The 2010 regular season is over. Now we'll look to the Mountain West Tournament for an unlikely rebirth. 

Utah ended its up and down season with an expected loss on the road to Colorado State. It was an important game only for the fact it established seeding in the conference tournament. Both the Rams and Utes finished tied at fifth. However, since Colorado State owns the tiebreaker, they will receive the fifth seed. That means Utah will open play in Vegas against Vegas - a team the Utes swept in the regular season. 

This game, though, wasn't important in the long run. A win didn't salvage the season and without David Foster, a loss was the expectation. The fact Utah didn't give up, I guess, is the only real good thing about this game. That and the fact we're probably only one more performance away before we can close the book on the 2010 campaign. 

Though we don't know what the conference tournament will hold for the Utes, we do know that this is the fourth losing conference season in five. It also means that, unless there is a miracle run somewhere, Utah will finish with a losing campaign - Jim Boylen's first in his three years manning the Utah ship. 

In the end, the 2010 season is very forgettable. Either this will prove to be a fluke or last year will. Whatever the outcome, I am excited to see if Boylen has what it takes to get things turned around here.