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Ute recruit expelled from school...Uh-Oh! Spaghetti O's!

It's never good when a recruit finds himself in trouble even before enrolling in school. Yet that's what is facing Tyler Shreve, a quarterback from Redlands, California. He was part of Utah's 2010 stellar recruiting class and now finds himself in quite the pickle

"We plan to wait until the legal process has run its course before we make a decision on Tyler," Whittingham said in a statement.

Typical and expected statement by Kyle Whittingham. 

Now Shreve is speaking out to ESPN...

"When it all happened I was just going off pure emotion because something like this has never happened to me before," Shreve said. "Everything's still on track right now. Utah's been there for me. They've helped me throughout this whole thing. "[Whittingham] made some other phone calls to make sure what I told him was true and it was true. They've totally stood by me and had my back."

So, is his career as a Ute, short lived as it was, over? 

Or are we going to forgive & forget? 

Where the hell is Mother Love when you need her? (let's see how many of you actually get that reference)


Mother Love is here for you, baby...

We'll see...