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Wynn injured in scrimmage; Red team beats White 28-23

While the Red & White game is always supposed to be a relaxing affair, it was anything but after Utah's starting quarterback Jordan Wynn dove for a fumble and injured his left-shoulder. The injury doesn't appear to be serious - though Wynn never returned to action.

That left Griff Robles the starter for the White team, going up against Terrance Cain of the Red, who started a good bulk of last season. 

Cain, thought to be Utah's leading backup this year, was 14-of-16 for 217 yards and two touchdowns, as well as one interception. Robles, who also threw a pick, had one touchdown on 18-of-26 passing.

Brian Johnson, Utah's all-time leader in wins as a quarterback, coached the Red team to victory against Morgan Scalley in front of the largest crowd to ever watch a Utah spring game. 

Griffin McKnabb, a freshman wide receiver, certainly looked like one of the most promising newcomers out there. He had five catches for 100-yards and also was on the end of a 61-yard touchdown pass from Cain. On the White, DeVonte Christopher caught a 38-yard touchdown pass from Robles in the end zone - which had given their team a 9-point lead at the time. 

That's when Cain produced two-consecutive touchdown drives to win it - including a 6-yard touchdown run by JC-transfer Shawn Asiata to put the Red up 28-16. White would creep back into it on a Tauni Vakapuna three-yard touchdown run, however, it proved too late and they failed to get another chance to score. 

A good scrimmage, a huge crowd and lots of activities. Unfortunately, most probably wanted to see Wynn and they didn't get much of a chance. So while Cain and Robles did look pretty impressive, it's unlikely either will be starting against Pitt come September.

But it's spring and lots of time left to get glimpses of Wynn's greatness. The best thing here is that he wasn't seriously injured and should be good to go when things start up again in a few months. 

So with that, spring ball came to an end. The offense certainly has a solid foundation in place and with a bit of smoothing of the edges has the potential to be rather potent. Defensively, this is a Coach Whittingham team. Which means they should be good and probably will be good in that regard. As for Saturday? They didn't look bad at all.