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Helluva title game

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I miss good basketball. I really do. I feel like that orphan boy standing at the window of a nice house on Christmas morning. All those damn rotten spoiled kids opening gifts while I have to stand out in the snowy cold with no shoes because, well, I'm an orphan.

Our basketball team has been orphaned for years now. It sucks. It sucks because for so long we were so good. It sucks that since the last time we were really relevant in hoops, no one had really known about Butler.

I mean, they were okay, but not national championship worthy. Now they are. They were one shot from winning it all. We're multiple years from just winning our conference. 

How pathetic and sad is that?

We're the Chumbawamba of basketball. We had one awesome hit in the 90s and since, well, who the hell knows. I'm sure people all across this great nation are asking themselves, "wait, whatever happened to Utah basketball? Are they still coached by that really fat bald dude?". 

Oh well. Enough being depressed. We're gonna be fine in a few years. Right?