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Well I guess it's never too early to project the Vegas lines

College football is a lot like Christmas. It starts earlier and earlier every year. I mean, how else do you explain predicting the opening lines for week one's biggest games? That's just insanity! 

But it's something and I'll gladly run with it. Especially since it involves the Utes and their huge opener against the Pitt Panthers. 

This guy puts the line at Utah by 3. I can believe it. I think, as does he, that Pitt will enter the game ranked higher and will probably be projected as the better team. However, unless you're a top-five team, it is extremely difficult flying across country to open a game on a Thursday against a team that hasn't lost at home since early 2007. 

But this game obviously won't be easy and the fact he believes the Utes are only a three-point favorite at home suggests this. You're generally given some benefit of the doubt when the backdrop is your own town. Had this game been played in Pittsburgh, there is little doubt that the Panthers are not only the favorites - but clear ones at that. 

So with news being slow lately (it sucks, but it is spring), what are your initial predictions for that game? Is it one Utah should win or is this going to be a barn-burner similar to their game against Oregon State in 2008? 

I'm inclined to think it's the latter.