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CFN previews the Utes

With summer just around the corner, you're going to see a lot more college football previews. Today, it's Scout's College Football News doing to the previewing. Go give it a read to cure your Utah football hunger.

It's a good read. The opening generally focuses on this season proving Utah has staying power. Not just the ability to produce good seasons - but the ability to go out and be great. I agree with that. We're working on consecutive ten-win seasons (the Utes will set a school record if they do it again this season) and are consistently in position to make noise nationally. 

With the schedule set like it is, we all know what the potential is for this team (it's been discussed, below, in the NC post). That doesn't mean it will happen or that we should expect it to happen. However, it's a scenario. The fact it's a scenario just proves how far this program has evolved since that cold November back in 2002 when Ron McBride coached his last game at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

In a related bit of news, Phil Steele has Utah 28th in his preseason top-30. I was actually expecting a higher ranking, so I am a bit surprised. He puts us just above Nevada, which is an even greater surprise. But that seems to be the general consensus: that Utah is a top-30 team but maybe not quite top-25 material. 

He did project undefeated years in 2004 and 2008. Not so this time around (and last year he had them ranked 40-something). All he says is that it'll be another successful year. Of course, what that means is purely subjective. Ten years ago, 8-wins was a success. Now 8-wins would probably be considered a disappointment.

So, what is a successful year? 

I'd say 10-2 or better in the regular season.