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How Utah can grab a Pac Ten invite...

I don't know the odds of Utah getting an invite to the Pacific Ten. I don't know if it'll happen. I do know, however, they're still an option until the conference officially closes the book on expansion. Knowing what we do know, these are the scenarios in which I believe the Utes could punch their ticket to a BCS conference. 


  • Texas and its Big 12 comrades decide to keep the conference intact. This would essentially put the kibosh on a sixteen team Pac Ten conference and since they've already invited Colorado, they'd probably look to Utah to make it twelve. 
  • Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are invited and accept a spot in the Pac Ten. Texas A&M, who probably would be invited as well, opts for the SEC. This would leave another open spot. In this case, I think Utah is a very likely choice, though Kansas could come into play due to their stellar academics. 
  • Texas goes to the Big Ten and Oklahoma to the SEC. Probably the least likely scenario and one that would put Utah in the Pac Ten. 
  • Notre Dame decides to buck its tradition and joins the Big Ten. The Big Ten then drops their invite to Nebraska (which hasn't officially happened yet, BTW) and the Pac Ten expands only once more to equal the B10's twelve teams. 

Is having one of these happen likely? I don't know. But there are still avenues to the P10. The but, however, might be how realistic these avenues are and there, I can't say.