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Expansion pandemonium! It's lookin' like L.A. in '92!

College football has been set on fire today as conferences loot one another in hopes of besting their fellow comrades. 

It started yesterday when the Pacific Ten took Colorado from the Big 12 and then the Mountain West followed it up by grabbing Boise State. Now the Big 10 has swiped Nebraska away from the Big 12 and Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State look to be abandoning the outdated and crumbling Big 12 ship for the newer and shinier Pacific Fifteen (at this point). No word yet on what Texas A&M is doing. Maybe they'll drift away to the SEC? 

Rioting at every corner. The streets have been taken over by the college football players. 

And what will be left is a smoldering mess of a city. 

God help us.