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More speculation: Texas A&M to SEC and Utah or Kansas to P-16?

Please put me out of my misery. This is getting ridiculous. We've had more twists and turns than than an M. Night Shyamalan film and it's been just as awful. 

The latest could put Texas A&M in the SEC. At least that's what Olin Buchanon of said today on Bill Riley's show. 

It'd make sense, since the Aggies have not been mentioned in any of the latest expansion rumors involving the Big 12 and Pac Ten. The latest, leaked today, puts four, not five as originally thought, Big 12 South teams in the currently expanding Pac. 

This from that article: 

But, the official continued, "The schools on the West Coast just don't see the benefit of Baylor. The Pac-10 is talking more about Kansas and Utah because they bring different (television) markets. Baylor's been lobbying everybody around Texas. They need to be lobbying California."

So, it could come down to Utah and Kansas if Texas A&M bolts for the SEC.

This ain't over yet.