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Kansas going hard at P-10 invite

Kansas won't just lay down and die if Texas A&M, like planned, bolts for the SEC. If that happens, the Jayhawks will go all out in trying to grab that vacant spot. With it down to Utah and Kansas, any leverage either school could get might prove to be the deciding factor. 

Kansas does have a good case with its powerful basketball program and BCS inclusion already. But will it be enough? 

From what I understand, the Big 12 four (Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State) want Kansas. The Pac 10, however, wants Utah. Who'll get their wish? If the Big 12 holds the cards in this arrangement, the Jayhawks have a good shot of being the sixteenth member. But, it's very possible the P10 calls the shots in this regard and you've got to think that Kansas isn't the type of program that would make or break Texas' move west. 

Anyway, we'll see what happens. I still think Utah has the inside track based on the fact they've been courted and have been courting the P10 Conference for a while now. But as I said in my last update, this whole situation is very fluid and could change at any moment.