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Sunday rumormongering: Larry Scott was in Salt Lake City Friday, Big 12 might stay alive and Utah to P-12/16 looking more and more likely

Who'd of thought Sunday of all days would be a news day? Aren't we supposed to rest or somethin'? 

Well it is. A big one, in fact. It began with the news the Big 12 is desperately trying to keep their conference afloat. It's possible the remaining teams stick together with no option of expansion. It would offer only a nine team (A&M seems poised for the SEC) league, but one that could do without divisions and a championship game, something both Bob Stoops and Mack Brown have opposed for a while now (especially after Texas' close call in the B12 title game last year). 

So what does this mean for Utah's Pacific Ten hopes if this happen? Well they're probably bolstered because it seems unlikely the conference would stay at an odd amount of teams like they currently are with Colorado. They would be forced to expand and with the Big 12 staying alive under this scenario, it seems as if the only option left would be Utah and we'd get the original Utah/Colorado additions everyone was discussing earlier this year. 

But this is still a rumor. It's possible negotiations fail and the Big 12 four bolt for the Pac and Texas A&M, as expected, goes off to the SEC. Even then, the Utes' standing is strengthened and it appears, regardless of Kansas' options, they would find themselves in the mega-conference.

Adding fuel to these rumors is a near-verified rumor that Pac Ten commissioner. Larry Scott, was in Salt Lake City on Friday. 

If true, it's hard to imagine he was here just for the scenery.

Could tomorrow prove to be the day where all the dominoes fall into place? Let's hope.