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More baseless rumormongering: Big 12 to stay intact; Hello Pac-12

Wouldn't this be interesting if the scenario we end up with is the exact same scenario we began with (Utah and Colorado to the P12)? Well that's looking more and more likely as the last-ditched effort by Texas to save the Big 12 appears to be working. 

The conference is expected to tie things up maybe even by the end of the day. If that happens, the Pac-Ten, who's currently sitting at an uneven 11 teams (hey, it worked for the Big Ten), would certainly go after one program for an even twelve. 

Speculation suggests that program is Utah and an invite has already been made. It'd explain why Larry Scott's plane is now on its way to California and not Kansas like originally expected. 

But as we've seen with this story, anything can happen. Until the announcements are made, I'd take all of this with a grain of salt.