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Conference expansion updates (and one rumor to throw out there)

I'm sure you're like me and waiting on the edge of your seat for any information about the potential of Pac-Ten expansion. This day has been fairly quiet, but I think a great deal of this has to do with what we're seeing from the Big 12. Those schools all met today and finalized their deal to keep the Big 12 (10) intact. That's a pretty substantial development because it means the prospects of a Pacific Sixteen is officially dead.

Now for Utah, I said news was expected today. I believe an announcement is pending. Tom Cella of Utezone, who I still believe has very solid sources, said today the Pacific Ten has offered Utah and the university is expected to vote on whether to accept that offer either later today or tomorrow. If that's the case, expect an official press conference tomorrow. 

I know that contradicts what I said last night and it does add some questions to this whole ordeal, but I believe the P-10 put off announcing today because of the Big 12 news and now that this is out of the way, they are cleared to move forward. 

For those who were concerned about the story today saying the P10 has not contacted Utah, well understand this story is a bit deceiving. 

For starters, the quote says Larry Scott has not contacted Utah since the Pac-Ten was turned down by Texas. That was just yesterday. Scott has probably been in communication with the program for a while now. 

Beyond that, though, it's important to note moves of this magnitude rarely happen through the athletic department. Chris Hill is certainly in on the talks, but the ultimate discussion would be between Scott and President Michael Young. So it's entirely possible Young was contacted by the Pac-Ten. Though that is just speculation on my part. 

Finally, it's looking very likely Utah will leave for the Pac-12 in 2011 if they're invited. This would mean the Pac-Ten would have to invite Utah by mid-July because the Utes would need to give a one-year notice to the Mountain West if they were to leave. 

Anyway, this is what I've heard. My personal opinion in all of this is that I'd be very surprised if Utah wasn't invited by the end of the week.