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Our new bloggers in arms...

This is something I've been waiting for because outside of Vanquish the Foe (BYU) and the Mountain West Connection, there was a dearth of Mountain West team-oriented blogs.

Well that's going to change when Utah is officially in the Pac-10. They're covered. Almost all the teams. So I expect a more connected environment and I urge all Ute fans to take advantage of this by going over and introducing yourself. In a classy fashion, of course. 

These blogs are...

Building the Dam - A fantastic Oregon State blog I've been following since 2006. 

Bruins Nation - They hate Utah. But we still love 'em anyway and I've always respected their writings. 

CougCenter - Cougars aside, these are good people. I remember warning them about Ray Giacoletti a year ago.

Addicted to Quack - Their name is almost as awesome as their coverage. I said almost. 

California Golden Blogs - We got to know them during the Poinsettia Bowl and they're some of the coolest and most entertaining bloggers on the net. 

UW Dawg Pound - Even though their football coach is a former Cougar (that's BYU, Wazzu), I've always enjoyed their Huskies coverage. 

House of Sparky - The Sun Devils have always intrigued me and this blog is the best ASU source around.

Conquest Chronicles - There are a lot of SC bloggers out there. Conquest Chronicles is one of the best.

Arizona Desert Swarm - I believe they are the newest P10 blog on the block. We talked a bit during the NCAA Tournament back in 2009. Bear down. 

And of course, our fellow transplant...

The Ralphie Report - I've always liked this blog. I'm excited to be division rivals with Colorado. They'll get to see first hand how Jordan Wynn looks. ;) 

So there you have it, our new comrades. Well at least in 2011. But it's never too early to get to know one another.