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Utah officially a member of the Pac-Ten Conference. Play begins in fall 2011

Utah made official what many have been speculating about for months - they're a member of the Pacific-Ten Conference. The Utes, who'll join Colorado, mark the twelfth member to the most prestigious athletic conference in college sports. 

The event was held at the Rice-Eccles Stadium tower and was a pretty exciting moment for the Ute fans who were in attendance. 

Utah will begin play in the fall of 2011. Which means this upcoming season is their last in the Mountain West. 

I took some photos of the event with my cellphone, so you can view them after the jump! 


Rice-Eccles Stadium prior to the event. Notice the two banners for our undefeated seasons!


Inside during the Board of Trustees vote. They voted yes.


Pres. Young speaks about joining the P-10.


Taking questions from the media.


Coach Whitt's head! haha

Remarkable day for the program. Now comes the hardest part - the wait!