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Getting to know Utah fans...

New conference, new questions and now some answers. 

Who, exactly, makes up the Utah fan base? You'll find we're a very diverse collection of heathens (that's what we're called by our brothers to the south, BYU). You can meet 'em after the jump...


The Mormon Ute

Though maybe a minority in the state of Utah, the Ute Mormon is nothing like the BYU Mormon. They are two completely opposite beings. Might as well be from different planets. And you've got to give them credit because they put up with a lot of junk from their BYU Mormon pals. In some parts of Utah County, it's blasphemous to root against the Lord's school. But they do it and they do it well. 

The Rebel Ute The non-Mormon Ute. They're a growing number in Utah and generally can be loud and at times, a bit crazy. But they mean well - most of the time. You'll often find them in the MUSS (that's the Mighty Utah Student Section), the NEZ (that's the North End Zone) or passed out drunk in the tailgate lot an hour before kickoff. I may or may not belong to this group... 
The Drunk Ute Like the Rebel Ute, but much older. They're not likely LDS (anymore) and they spend most their Saturdays boozing and eating before any big game. It's hard to miss these folk because they're often loud and extremely obnoxious. But we love 'em because they do hate BYU and they aren't afraid to show that hatred at any moment, regardless of who the opponent.
The Bandwagon Ute

Unfortunately, they do exist. It happens when you suddenly become good, though. They're not totally bad...until they miss a few games when the team loses one weekend. They came into the fold around 2003 and I'll give them credit, many have stayed. But their support is still soft. 


The 'Down in Front' Ute

These fans remember when Ike Armstrong was roaming the sidelines (Ute football coach from 1925-1949) and because of that, they feel they have every right to tell you what to do. If you're standing and it isn't third down, they'll tap you nicely on the shoulder and demand you put your butt back into your seat. 

They're not a plentiful group (I mean, they are old after all and we know what happens to old people). But it doesn't make them any less annoying. It's best to just ignore them. Sooner or later, they'll nod off.

That's a look at the Utah fan base. I think I summed it up pretty well, though maybe some Ute fans can add on to this list. Hopefully you'll meet some and won't be too annoyed by others.