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Washington State AD wants Utah in division with SC and UCLA

An interesting take from Washington State's AD on the potential of divisions in the new Pac-Twelve. 

And now comes a somewhat startling approach to realignment. The assumption going into those negotiations would be that everyone in the conference would want to be in a division with either UCLA or USC to reap the benefits of a trip to southern California as often as possible. Moos, instead, wants to "preserve the Northwest rivalries" and when the radio hosts ask him if that means he wants a division that includes Washington, Washington State, Cal, Stanford, Oregon, and Oregon State, he confirms with:

"That's what I would propose and what I think is best for Washington State and my northwest brethren."

This, of course, is probably the best case for Utah athletics and one that has drawn criticism from the northwest programs. However, with Bill Moos on board, it could bolster the proposed division plans. 

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