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Rumors put Boise State in Mountain West

But do these rumors even matter to Utah? This is going to be a fun summer, folks. I don't know if the Utes are about to depart for the P-10 or if the Broncos will relocate to the Mountain West. What I do know is that if either happens, Utah will be facing a far more difficult 2011 schedule than many of us envisioned this time last year.

So, what expansion scenario is most likely to happen? Do you think the Utes will be in the Boise State-added Mountain West in 2011 or playing in the newly formed Pac-Twelve with Colorado?

That's the burning question. IF expansion is going to happen for either conference, I think we'll know soon enough. In fact, I'd expect the Broncos' inclusion to be announced by no later than next week (the 7th rumors have it). If that's the case, we'll know what we're potentially losing if and when P-10 expansion news happens later this summer.

What do you think?