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Contending out of the gate...

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I hate the idea of looking past the 2010 season toward our inaugural one in the Pac-10 - but I can't help it. Everyone knows it's impossible to go back to your old toys a week after Christmas. Over time I expect we'll get back into the 2010 groove...just not right now.

Of course, one of the biggest questions surrounding Utah's move to the Pac-10 next year deals with their chances of contending for a conference championship. It'd be a dream to walk into our new home and prove we're the kings of it. But that is going to be very, very difficult.

So instead of expecting or even hoping of a conference championship in Year One, maybe we should just expect and hope the team can contend for that conference championship. Two or three conference losses wouldn't be all that bad for a first-year team, right?

Personally, I believe our success is tied to 2010. If Utah goes out and produces a very good (maybe great) season this year, we certainly will feel more confident about their chances entering the Pac-10. Especially if Jordan Wynn proves to live up to, or even exceed, his expectations.

What do you expect from Utah in their first year of the Pac-10?

It'll be interesting revisiting this a year from now to see if the consensus has changed.