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Reports suggest P10 inviting 6 teams, all from B12

Believe it. Don't believe it. But I do believe this is further proof the Pac-Ten is probably not looking at the Utah/Colorado pairings like we all suspected a few months ago. The fact the Utes aren't even mentioned leads me to believe that we're probably with the second batch of programs if those six Big 12 teams decide to turn down an invite to what could turn out to be a West Coast Super Conference.

Now I'm not so sure I buy the P-10 would truly overhaul its conference like that. But I think it shows they're not content with just bringing in Utah and Colorado. That might have been their original intent back in February, but it isn't anymore. 

But that's fine. I kind of already convinced myself it wasn't happening around March when news of expansion all but disappeared from the headlines.

If something changes, though, I'll certainly keep you updated. As for now, my money is on Utah playing in the MWC in 2011. Which, with Boise State, won't be such a bad thing. Unless a move like this dramatically shifts the landscape of college football and the non-BCS teams are even worse off due to the takeover of regional football established by the creation of three or four Super Conferences. If that's the case, we might find ourselves a level down from the BCS - like the current Football Championship Subdivision.