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Pac Ten expansion falling apart? (and BSU news)

If you're like me, you are probably exhausted by all these expansion rumors. For months now, we've read a whole host of news about what conference is going to do what and finally, late last week, it looked as if something was about to take place.

Of course, that was then and this is now. Did the big expansion (six Big 12 teams to the P-10) hit a snag deep in the heart of Texas? 

Chip Brown of OrangeBloods (the original site to break the story) is now Tweeting Texas wants to stay in the Big 12. That's important because I think many of us were under the impression they were at the point of wanting out. If Texas is not looking for an out, it certainly would change the dynamics of this situation.

Of course, all this might hinge on Nebraska, who has openly flirted with the Big Ten. If the Cornhuskers leave for the Big Ten, you've got to think that would snowball into what was discussed last week. 

On their front, Tom Osborne has hinted he wants to stay in the Big 12, but that could all be a diplomatic effort on his part. Ultimately, no one knows what Nebraska is thinking and I believe we're looking at 50/50 odds of them staying or leaving. So basically, it's a pick 'em.

Beyond that, though, it's been suggested the Big 10 would drop any expansion that includes Big 12 teams if Notre Dame accepts their invite. That would leave both Nebraska and Missouri in the Big 12 and most certainly keep the Gang of Six from departing to the Pac Ten. 

But this is Notre Dame we're talking about and the Irish have shown no sign of wanting to join a conference any time soon.

So basically, what we're looking at is a mess of scenarios. They include...


  • Nebraska and Missouri leave for the Big Ten. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado or Baylor leave for the newly formed Pac Sixteen.
  • Missouri leaves for the Big Ten - but Nebraska stays. This opens a slot for the Big 12 and with the North's power team still on board, the other schools from the south don't bolt. Could Utah see an invite to the B12 under this scenario? Possibly. The Pac Ten also could look at expansion to join the remainder of the BCS conferences at 12 teams (remember, the Big Ten has eleven teams, despite their name). 
  • Notre Dame joins the B10, which ultimately revokes its invites to Missouri & Nebraska, thus leaving the Big 12 intact. 
  • Nebraska and Missouri decide to stick around. The Big 12 does not collapse and the Pac Ten is back to the situation they were prior to the events last week (most certainly again looking at Utah and Colorado). 
  • Nothing happens. It was all smoke and mirrors and when it finally clears, college football is the same then as it is today. 
Dizzy yet? Well here's one more tidbit from David Locke's Twitter. Boise isn't going to be accepting an invite to the Mountain West. At least not this week.