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Nebraska set to bolt for B10, B12 officials say conference surely dead if they do

So the first move in the mega-conference has taken place with Nebraska regents informally agreeing to leave the Big 12. OrangeBloods reports that with this move, the Big 12 is likely dead, thus setting up the potential for a massive expansion between the Pac Ten and six Big 12 teams including the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas. 

Though it looked like a few days ago the possibilities hit a potential snag, the foundation for the dissolving of the Big 12 Conference has begun with the likelihood of Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten.

This will impact Utah namely because we had all hoped they would find a spot in the newly formed Pac 12. That is unlikely to happen if the Big 12 collapses. So the next step, of course, would be to create a mega-conference of our own - most likely with B12 leftovers. That is if they want to play in the Mountain West. 

But as it has been lately, news does abruptly this isn't set in stone yet.