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Where I Come From: EA Sports NCAA Football 2011 Available Now

This post is sponsored by NCAA Football 2011 and is part of a week-long series that will further introduce Utah football.

I've been buying and playing the NCAA Football series all the way back when it was Bill Walsh football. It's what keeps me sane from July to the end of August. 

Last year. I mentioned how cool it was Brian Johnson would be on the cover of NCAA Football 2010. I'll probably own that game for decades to come, even though I've lost most of the past NCAA Football games I've owned. 

It was so cool that Utah, of all programs, could produce a player worthy of that cover. Especially when it was the cover of a game I've loved since the mid-90s. 

So today is a happy day. When I'm done with work, I'll go buy my copy of NCAA Football 2011 and test out how good the Utes are. I'll probably play the Pitt game (and hopefully win) and maybe even do a quick simulation to see if perfection could be had. 

One thing I've always done with NCAA Football is that in dynasty mode I'd take Utah to the elite of elite and then accept an invitation to either the Pac-10 or Big 12. As I'm sure with most Ute fans, it was always a dream that felt out of reach. 

But it worked in NCAA Football. You'd replace a floundering program in a BCS conference and then dominate to multiple championships. 

Well in NCAA Football 2012, you won't have to work your way up to the P-10 anymore with Utah. They'll automatically be there. 

How cool is that?

For now, though, we'll have to settle one last time for the Mountain West. 

Now a message from EA...

When you go to a particular school or grow up around college football, you are more than just a fan. It’s who you are. We thought we could leverage this pride in your roots and show that "where you come from" is more than just a statement about geography. By positioning NCAA Football 11 as a game that understands this pride and is authentic to these traditions, the takeaway should be that anything that is in college football is in NCAA Football 11.

And this doesn’t just include game play (though that’s a huge part of it). It’s rivals and mascots; it’s legends and stories. It’s those things that are at the very fabric of the game itself. Of course the game is great this year as well. With authentic entrances, mascots and specific offenses for each team, the term "where I come from" takes on a much larger meaning. While playing NCAA Football 11 is ultimately a great sports sim, it should also give you a sense of the pride and emotion one has for being a fan of a team they will never not be a part of.

Happy gaming!