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Continuing the Utah-BYU rivalry

One of the biggest unknowns about Utah's move to the Pac-10 will be the continuation of the Holy War - the most contentious rivalry in the non-BCS.

Even Cougar athletic director Tom Holmoe is unsure about its future. Especially when you consider the Utes don't really have to schedule BYU in the future. We're not in the same conference anymore, so it's not a mandatory game.

Of course, we all know the rivalry will be hard to kill. There is a lot invested in it and even Chris Hill said he was not about to let it die. But as Utah football begins a new chapter, will it include the Cougars? Should it include the Cougars?

That's the pressing question that might not be answered for a year or two. Depending on what happens prior to the 2011 season, this November's contest could be the last Holy War in a while. Maybe decades. Maybe ever.

Should Utah continue the Holy War, or allow it to die?