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Biggest story lines heading into Mountain West media day?

Today marks the last Mountain West Conference media day for the University of Utah.

It's still pretty surreal to believe that a year from now, we'll be discussing the Pac-10 media day as a full-fledged member of the conference. But for now, we focus on the Mountain West - Utah's current home. 

The media will gather later today to discuss expectations for the 2010 season, release their preseason polls and most assuredly, discuss Utah's departure from the conference it helped form. 

So, which topic will dominate the day - TCU's potential BCS busting campaign? Boise State's pending move to the conference or the Utes' jump to the Pac-10? 

The question is really rhetorical. We know exactly what most of the discussion will revolve around and it's Utah's move next summer.

It'll be interesting to hear what other coaches think about the move and the impact it'll have on the conference. Of course, I'm guessing most answers will be diplomatic at every turn, so it's unlikely we'll see Steve Fairchild spit and curse the name Utah. 

Now if Joe Glenn hadn't been fired, well then things might've been more interesting. But these are professionals and they'll give professional answers.

But I'm sure if you read between the lines, you'll really get what they actually mean. And those insights might be the most enjoyable factor of this day.