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Counting down to the 2010 season...

For me, one of the best things that helps bridge the gap between spring and the football season is the release of NCAA Football 2011.

It certainly helps you get through the dog days of summer and this year will probably be no different.

Well in seven days, NCAA Football 2011 hits the market and to commemorate this event, Block U will be counting down this week by reintroducing Utah football to a larger audience and certainly getting the wonderful stories about each Ute fan's journey on their way to cheering for Utah. 

This also will introduce our program to our future conference mates. We'll get to share the traditions and history of the program we love and hopefully those Pac-10 fans will learn more about what makes us proud fans of the University of Utah. 

The series progresses throughout the week and will end the day before NCAA Football is released. 

Here's the upcoming schedule: 

Monday: How We Became Utes

Tuesday: Our Favorite Utah Teams 

Wednesday: Tailgating at Utah (it does happen, believe it or not)

Thursday: Our Favorite Utes 

Friday: Our Favorite Moments 

Monday: Our Expectations For 2010

Tuesday: NCAA Football 2011 is released

Since I am one man, with one story and one opinion, I'd love to have your participation this week. The more you help, the more we can introduce Utah football to not only the Pac-10 - but the remainder of the country.