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How concerned are you about the D?

We knew the defense was going to have growing pains. You don't lose as many players as it did and bounce back perfectly. However, in camp, the defense seems a step or two behind the offense (and in some instances - more). Is this an indictment of the defense or further proof the offense really will be good?

Unfortunately, it's always hard to get an idea of what a defense and offense looks like solely based on their production in camp. Mostly because it's not the real thing. Camp isn't necessarily about playing the game as it is preparing for the game. Each down in a scrimmage isn't comparable to a true down in live action against a true opponent.

But this is the first time since Kyle Whittingham took over where the offense does seem to outshine that of the defense. We're used to the offense trying to play catch-up - not the other way around. So maybe that feeds into our concerns. This is, after all, uncharted territory. Sure, the Utes have had some good offenses under Whittingham, but never dominant offenses. 2010 could change that.

So are you concerned? If so, how concerned?