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Whittingham, Utes, believe this could be best offense ever at Utah

Utah has produced some great offenses over the years. Even in the dark ages of the mid and late 80s, the program was churning out some of the top offenses in the country. 

Well Kyle Whittingham and the Utes believe those past teams - including the offensive juggernaut '04 squad - don't hold a candle to the potential of this year's offense. 

Zane Taylor, All-MWC Center thinks that, "this might be like no offense we've seen at Utah so I'm totally excited. Man I can't think of any weak spots in our offense so I'm just totally excited to be a part of that."

All-MWC Defensive back Brandon Burton sees this offense on a daily basis. "The offense is loaded like no other. It's crazy. We have so many explosive players on offense. It's probably going to be one of the best offenses we've had coming out this year. I have no doubt they'll be pretty good on offense this year."

Whittingham, who is entering his sixth season with this Utes said, "We're excited about the potential we have offensively, with eight starters back and our quarterback being one of those. That's a great starting point and we haven't had that luxury in a while, on offense, I don't believe.

Hyperbole? Reality? A bit of both? Who knows. But you've got to like that optimism!