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How concerned are you about Jordan Wynn's status?

It appears, though there has been no official word from the coaches, that Jordan Wynn will probably sit out Saturday's game - if not others. This because he sprained his thumb in Utah's victory over Pitt last Thursday.

On its face, this doesn't seem like such a big deal. However, my concern is more with the lack of game day experience from the Utes' quarterback. He still has yet to start with what amounts to a full season and I really was hoping this stretch (UNLV, @ UNM, SJSU) could be used to work out all the kinks the offense might have prior to the toughest stretch of the season.

But if Wynn is sitting out more than one game, that's not happening. At least not with him lining up under center.

So is this a concern? Or do you think Wynn has the experience with this offense to miss a game or more (maybe four) and not struggle when he returns during potentially the hardest part of the schedule?