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Block U's BlogPoll Ballot

This past Saturday really did a good job of weeding out the undeserving teams from the poll. That's rare only two weeks in. 

Anyway, this week's poll isn't dramatically different than last week's - especially toward the top. I did drop the Boise St. Broncos. But I didn't do it because the Virginia Tech Hokies lost to James Madison University. That would've been too easy if I had. 

No, I dropped the Broncos because both the Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide had solid wins over ranked teams. I mentioned last week this early in the year is mostly about resume and I still believe that. The Broncos were idle and I hate dropping teams that did not play, however, you have to reward both OSU and Alabama for their big wins Saturday. 

Other than that, TCU dropped from second to third for the same reason and I bumped the Oregon Ducks over the Utah Utes because they looked extremely impressive in their blowout win over the Tennessee Volunteers

So essentially the teams that made up the top-ten last week make up the top-ten this week. They're just in a different order (I think I dropped the Wisconsin Badgers out of the top-ten to eleventh for their ho-hum win over San Jose State). 

What do you think?