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Utes rock Lobos for second conference win of the season

I wanted a blowout and I got a blowout. It wasn't pretty at times in the first half, but the Utes put together probably their most complete and impressive regular season performance since the 2008 season. 

That's great when you consider it's only the third game of the season. Of course, it's only the New Mexico Lobos and we knew their defense wasn't good enough to hold the Utes to a respectable number. However, without their starting center Zane Taylor and quarterback Jordan Wynn, 56-points is pretty damn good. 

Overall, the Utes did what they needed to do. They won impressively and got out of Albuquerque without any major injuries. What's more, they established an offense and I think that's the big storyline here because last year, in their first road game of the season, the offense struggled mightily against the San Jose St. Spartans

That wasn't the case this week, even though the competition wasn't any better than those Spartans. 

Speaking of San Jose State, they barely beat Southern Utah this week and travel to Salt Lake City for what should be another Ute blowout. 

At the moment, the Utes' offense is averaging 40 points per game. I doubt they continue at that pace, but compared to 2009, when they scored 35, 24 and 24 in their first three, it's a huge improvement.

Expect that number to actually improve next week against the Spartans. 

Oh and no blocked punts! And it appears Utah has its best returner in Shaky Smithson since the Steve Smith days!