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Block U's BlogPoll Ballot

Ohio State is quietly waiting behind #1 Alabama...
Ohio State is quietly waiting behind #1 Alabama...

This week's ballot didn't change much because there just weren't that many upsets Saturday. The biggest was Arizona over Iowa and with that win, they charged up the rankings. The Hawkeyes fell the most, obviously.

Other than that, Alabama and Ohio State once again topped the rankings. TCU stayed at third, while I moved Texas up to fourth with their win over Texas Tech. I know the Red Raiders aren't anything special, but it was a conference win on the road against a team that has historically given the Longhorns fits in Lubbock. 

Since I moved Texas up, Boise State dropped from 4th to 5th, Oregon from 5th to 6th and Utah from 6th to 8th - mostly because they were jumped by Nebraska. 

Beyond that, the only other teams that won who I dropped were Wisconsin (eeked out a victory at home against the Sun Devils), the South Carolina Gamecocks (rather uninspired play in a win over FCS Furman) and Michigan (who, like USC, struggled against a FCS team). 

I've said I hate to penalize teams because of ugly wins, but this early in the season, when so many teams are playing fluff schedules, you pretty much have to, unfortunately.

I actually thought about dropping Michigan entirely because their two biggest wins don't look all that big anymore. Both Notre Dame and UConn are sitting at two losses and though the Irish did fall on the road to Michigan State in overtime, the Huskies have looked down right awful this season, losing to Temple Saturday. 

But I'll let you decide if I should drop Michigan and move someone else into the poll (maybe West Virginia?).