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Pac-10 looking at Las Vegas for title game

Could Sam Boyd Stadium host the Pac-10 championship?
Could Sam Boyd Stadium host the Pac-10 championship?

Joe Schad over at ESPN had some interesting news about the potential of the Pac-12 title game being played in Las Vegas and other possible locations.

Beyond Vegas, the conference is looking at Glendale (Arizona), Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego. 

It doesn't appear there is a favorite, but I'm sure most Ute fans would rather Las Vegas host the conference title game because of its close proximity to Salt Lake City. 

Of course, as we're well aware of, Sam Boyd Stadium's capacity would be an issue and though the stadium isn't terrible, the dirt parking really needs to be updated to appeal to other Pac-10 fans.

But we'll see how this shakes out. I expect a great deal more of information next month when the athletic directors meet to discussion divisions, and I assume, a championship game location.