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Utes move up to 12th in Coaches, remain 13th in Media poll

Not much movement this week for Utah, though they did inch ever so closer to the top-ten. 

Unfortunately, don't expect much movement the next few weeks. I think Utah will make gradual gains and probably slide into the top-ten in a week or two - but this week showed us that schedule does mean something. Even though three teams ahead of the Utes lost Saturday (Texas, Arkansas and South Carolina), the Utes were jumped by three other teams (Stanford, Auburn and LSU), which essentially negated those gains. 

The good news for the Utes is that while they have a bye-week Saturday, there will be a chance for movement. Stanford has to travel to Oregon, Texas and Oklahoma meet (Longhorns might be looking to get their season on track after an embarrassing loss to UCLA) and Florida goes to Tuscaloosa to take on the Crimson Tide. 

A couple teams are going to lose that are ahead of Utah. From behind, Arizona, like the Utes, take the week off, and the only other undefeated threat close to the Utes is Southern California. They host the struggling Washington Huskies

So more chance to move up next week, but now it's going to become a bit harder. At least until the team starts playing someone.