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Block U's BlogPoll Ballot

Lots and lots of changes this week.

For starters, I totally overrated Texas. I should have known that with how poorly they looked in their wins. It finally caught up to them Saturday against the UCLA Bruins, though, as they produced the worst loss in Austin under head coach Mack Brown

Ugly, ugly, ugly. 

For that, they dropped out of my ballot. Harsh? Maybe, but why should they be afforded a spot this week over a team that actually took care of business? Exactly. 

Beyond that, I knocked TCU down a spot but not because of their ho-hum win over SMU Friday. No, I think Oregon is legit and they deserve to be in the national championship picture. So they passed TCU. Of course, now that I've said this, they'll promptly lose to Stanford this week. 

I moved the Utes and Florida up two spots after their dominant victories. Wisconsin jumped five spots, though I'm still not completely sold on them. Nebraska gets docked for barely beating a FCS team. 

So, agree or disagree?