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North/South divisions nonstarter according to one Pac-10 AD

Ted Miller over at ESPN has a good blog post up discussing the revenue sharing and constant negotiations among Pac-10 athletic directors prior to their meeting next week. 

Most of the discussion centers around how the conference hasn't even begun discussion on divisions (which goes against the recent articles we've seen from sources claiming the conference is set on a North/South split), but I found this bit of news interesting: 

Is the North-South split a done deal (four California schools and two Arizona schools in the South; Utah and Colorado joining the Northwest schools in the North)? 

No. In fact, one AD offered that it was "a nonstarter." 

A nonstarter. Right from the mouth of an AD in the conference. I can only assume it's an athletic director from one of the NW schools. 

But we'll see how this develops. 

Beyond that, it appears the conference is heavily leaning toward equal revenue sharing.