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Utah basketball losers over the weekend

It's not surprising the Utes lost Saturday to sixth ranked San Diego State. They're not good and it's rare a top-ten team falls to a bad team - even if on the road. 

Yet it really shows how far Utah has fallen as a program.

With the loss, the Utes have now slumped to 7-9 and find themselves in a six game rut. It's their longest losing streak since Giacoletti's final season and one that will probably be pushed to seven with BYU coming to town Tuesday. I hate to think of what the Cougars are capable of doing against a Utah team that, unfortunately, looks worse today than they did at the start of the season. 

I'm not going to throw out the word fire in the context of Boylen's future - but I'm getting there.

Hopefully he can prove me wrong and Tuesday marks the slow, hard climb back to respectability.