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So, what's the deal with Norm Chow?

Is he coming? 

Are we being played?

Was this some cruel joke? 

Don't worry, I still feel confident. But, as it was with the news about the Pac-10 expanding, stuff like this takes time. Chow is still technically under contract with the Bruins and the whole situation is pretty messy at the moment. If Chow leaves on his own accord, he gets bupkis from the Bruins. If he's forced out, though, UCLA owes him some money. 

Of course, the latter is an option the Bruins would rather not take. But they know Chow doesn't want to be there and Chow knows UCLA's head coach, Rick Neuheisel, doesn't want him there - so something will need to happen. 

I expect that something to be a compromise. But until that actually happens, we'll be left in the dark. 

Do I still think Chow ends up at Utah? Yes. Do I think it happens this week? Possibly. Will it be by next week? Most certainly. 

So there you have it. Not much to report, but don't take the quietness as evidence things are falling through. With Neuheisel essentially fighting for his job this season, it's unlikely he would keep Chow on the staff just for monetary reasons. He's got too much to lose for that. 

So patience my Ute friends. This will settle itself soon.