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Utah fan confidence has rebounded - but...

I'm sure you all know about the fan confidence meter at the top-left corner of the blog.

Right now, it's at its highest since the midway point of the 2010 football season at 91. It had bottomed out after the Notre Dame debacle and has steadily increased ever since.

So I have a question for you, the readers. When you vote in the fan confidence poll at the moment, are you focused solely on the football program, just the basketball program or both programs?

During the football season, it was obvious we were voting on the success and struggles of the football team. When they won, fan confidence skyrocketed and when they lost, it plummeted.

But now football season is over and we've slowly (even if not very obviously) moved into basketball mode.

Yet with the basketball team struggling, confidence continues to rise and I'm wondering if the basketball issues are more an afterthought in this voting and you're showing your approval of the recent football news - like the Chow hire.

Which one is it?