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Turns out, Utah's a pretty good non-BCS team, but a pretty bad Pac-12 team

Remember when I said Washington fans would have to be out of their cotton-picking mind to pick the Huskies in a romp? 

Yeah, well, scratch that. I was wrong. I woefully underestimated Washington and embarrassingly overestimated the Utes. 

Utah might be a fine non-BCS program, but in the Pac-12, they're far closer to the bottom than they are the top and it's not really even up for debate. Turnovers and Jordan Wynn's injuries aside, the Utes got worked on their home field against a far superior team and coaching staff and it really proves how far the program is from ever contending for a Pac-12 title.

If we thought Utah, in year one, would have a prayer of winning the Pac-12 South, well we were kidding ourselves, because those hopes were put to bed tonight. What transpired on the field of Rice-Eccles Stadium was an old fashion whoopin'. What could have been a statement game turned into an ugly affair riddled with turnovers, defensive lapses and an offense that channeled their inner-BYU in the red zone. 

Because of that, I'm humbled and embarrassed for going to bat for the Utes like I did. I thought they'd definitely show more tonight than they actually did and I think it's clear - if it wasn't before - no game is a given on the remainder of the schedule. Will Utah go winless in Pac-12 play? Doubtful, but it will prove challenging to not only finish above .500 in the conference, but finish above .500 overall.

Welcome to the Pac-12, Utah - now get ready to take your lickings. 

Congrats to Washington for an inspiring road performance and showing how winning is done at the BCS level. Utah can learn a lot from your program and coaches - because we were outclassed in every way tonight.