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Week six BlogPoll ballot

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I'm not going to lie, when Utah isn't relevant in college football, it's not nearly as fun filling out my BlogPoll ballot. There is something special about ranking the Utes and I haven't really done that at all this season and I'm pretty confident they won't return to my ballot this year. 

It's just not as fun reviewing teams that are experiencing greatness when your program is bumbling along.

Oh well. 

As a voter in '08 and last year, I've had that experience, so I'm not going to get too upset over a one-season drought from being ranked. With that said, this is the first time, this late in the season, Utah hasn't been ranked since '07. Chew on that for a bit. 

The rankings and my explanation for 'em after the jump...

The top five remain unchanged and I'm not going to change 'em until there is evidence one of 'em does not belong. Like I said last week, Alabama and LSU will play each other, so that will eliminate one of those teams, leaving OU and Stanford to battle it out for that final second spot - unless the Cardinal or Sooners falter from here on out. 

In fact, the top-ten really only changed through noise. I moved up Boise State a spot solely due to their dominant win on the road over Fresno State, though you could make the case the Tigers, who have a far better resume, deserve to be ranked ahead of 'em. Regardless, at this point in the poll, a one or two spot difference does not mean much. 

Every other team pretty much just moved up a few spots, though I realize I shot South Carolina up the rankings. Maybe because I underrated them last week. 

Overall, the poll is fairly stable, with only losers falling out of my rankings this week (how far has Florida State fallen this season - from top-five all the way to unranked in a few short weeks. Ouch!). 

So, agree, disagree? Let me know.