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Wynn done for season, will need shoulder surgery

Though not too surprising, the University of Utah announced tonight that quarterback Jordan Wynn is done for the season and will need shoulder surgery on his non-throwing arm after injuring it in a loss to Washington a week ago.

Wynn was also injured last season and sat out the Las Vegas Bowl due to surgery. 

Right now, Utah's starting quarterback is Jon Hays, who's a junior college transfer and started last week in a loss against ASU. 

I've always liked Wynn. I think he proved this season to be a gamer and this is terribly unfortunate. It's totally uncontrollable, these injuries, and you've got to think it's killing him that he isn't out there helping his team win. 

Hope he recovers and though I'm skeptical he's durable enough to ever see the field again here at Utah, I would love to see him play again.