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Week five BlogPoll ballot

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It's likely that, yet again, an SEC team takes up a spot in the BCS national championship game. It's either going to be Alabama or LSU, with the Tide gaining a slight edge because they host the Tigers later next month. 

Therefore, it really doesn't matter if Alabama or LSU is ranked 1 or 2 because the winner of that game, unless something goes horribly wrong between now and November, is most likely assured the top spot the remainder of the season - unless, of course, something goes horribly wrong after that game. 

But with how these two teams are playing, that seems highly unlikely.

So, where does that leave the Sooners? Well they're in a good spot, even if not ranked in the top-two. They can pretty much win their games, wait it out and slide up in there the second either Alabama or LSU falls.

Beyond those three, I really don't see anyone else worthy of contending for a championship at the moment. Clemson definitely looks legitimate enough after trouncing Virginia Tech, but even an undefeated ACC team is going to have trouble passing an undefeated SEC/Big 12 program. 

So once you get beyond those three, it becomes a bit more muddled. Stanford is good - really good - and potentially might walk through their schedule unscathed. But, like Clemson, won't pass the three already mentioned unless those schools stub their toes along the way. It's tough knowing your only path to greatness might rely on another team's screw ups. Alas, life of the BCS. 

My ballot after the jump...

Like I said, it gets pretty muddled once you start moving out of the top-five. I do think Wisconsin looks legit and they'll certainly make some noise if they continue to win out, but at the moment, are they at the level of LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma? 

More close to home, I ranked Washington, even though they aren't ranked in either poll. I think that's more because a win over Utah doesn't carry much weight (same thing happened to SC after beating the Utes, as they failed to crack the top-25 after falling out after week one) and less because the media and coaches do not respect the Huskies. Though, Nebraska's performance, Washington's lone loss, in their first ever Big Ten game didn't help matters.

ASU remains ranked, and I actually moved them up, and should continue to be the lone Pac-12 South making any noise nationally, especially if they win at Utah next Saturday. 

But it's pretty revealing that no other Pac-12 South team sniffs the top 25. Maybe SC in a week or two - but for now, it's all the Sun Devils. 

Agree with the rankings?