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How 'bout that blackout?

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The blackout has been a source of contention for some Utah fans because a few find it a bit too gimmicky.

It probably is.

But damn, you couldn't ask for a better week to get gimmicky. The Utes are in dire need of anything to get things rolling again and the blackout should mean a far better and more inspired crowd than what we might have seen if this was just a typical 'ol regular football game.

I know it shouldn't take a blackout to energize a fan base, especially in our first year of the Pac-12, but I'm guessing Utah fans are pretty demoralized right now and entering a game that's essentially a must-win, I'll take whatever gimmick there is to get fans to the stadium and invested in the game. 

This really is the season, folks. It's hard to imagine the Utes can come back from a 3-5 start, especially when the Oregon St. Beavers are supposedly one of the weaker teams remaining. If they can't get that first conference win now, I suspect it probably won't happen until they're officially eliminated from bowl contention.

Then again, with things going the way they are, maybe the blackout will act as a symbolic funeral for the regular season. 

Then I guess I'll shout, "damn that blackout". 

But for now, the energy it brings is much needed for a down on their luck football program. 

Hopefully a good crowd and a loud stadium greet the Utes this Saturday.