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Happy Halloween!

Hope you're having a fun and productive Halloween. 

The Utes certainly received a treat Saturday, so hopefully this will be a very good Halloween for you all. 

Just for fun, let's do a costume contest for college football coaches, players and programs. Apparently, KJZZ did this during the Oregon State game and I think it would be fun to expand that idea to other players and teams. 

Costume ideas after the jump...

John Cullen totally is The Dude from The Big Lebowski! 


John White, of course, would go as wolfman. 


Maybe Jordan Wynn can go as an x-ray machine, since, you know, he's probably seen his fair share over the last twelve months or so.


Dres Anderson could go as The Flash for obvious reasons. 


I see Larry Scott as a good Godfather. 


Riley Nelson would be perfect as The Situation from Jersey Shore.


And Bronco Mendenhall would go as Roscoe!


What are some of your ideas?